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Talking About Welding Equipment and Techniques

Tips to Help You Select the Right Air Compressor, Blasting Media, and Protective Gear for Sandblasting Metal

by Matias Keranen

Removing rust or paint from a metal surface can often be a difficult job. But sandblasting to remove rust or paint using pressurized air and propelled grit can help you complete the job quickly. If you have rust or paint you want to remove from the surface of an old bicycle, vehicle, or shed, you can do it at home with the right tools and information. Here are some tips to help you select and use an air compressor, protect yourself during the sandblasting work, and decide what type of sandblasting media you need.

Air Compressor

An easy way to remove rust or paint from metal is to use a sandblaster powered by an air compressor. This process sprays a blasting grit onto the rusted or painted surface at a high speed. Depending on the size of your rust- or paint-removal job, you can use a small consumer-grade or a larger-sized industrial air compressor. 

When you are selecting an air compressor for your blasting work, it is recommended to look at the air compressor's capacity of cubic feet per minute (CFM). Some air compressors can produce up to five cubic feet per minute at 40 to 90 psi (pounds per square inch). You want one with a minimum capacity of 80 psi at 5 CFM. Check the compressor's specifications before you decide on one to rent or buy for your sandblasting job.

You also need a sandblasting attachment nozzle for your air compressor's hose. The attachment nozzle will pull the sandblasting media from its container using the compressor's suction and blast it onto the surface you are removing the rust or paint from. 

Make sure you adjust the PSI of your sandblaster, testing it on an inconspicuous area of the metal, or a test a scrap piece of metal before you begin the rust- or paint-removal process. If your psi is too high, it can remove too much metal and damage the surface and also cause the metal's surface to heat up, resulting in warping and bulging. 

Protective Gear

To keep yourself safe during sandblasting, it is important to wear the right protective clothing. This includes a pair of protective eye goggles and a face mask. Also wear a face respirator that covers your mouth and nose to prevent inhaling any fine particles during the blasting. A recommended breathing mask to use during blasting is a N95 NIOSH rating to filter up to 95 percent of airborne particles. 

To protect the skin on your arms and hands and legs, wear long sleeves, gloves, long pants, and boots or shoes. It can also be helpful to wear ear protection to help prevent any hearing loss during the blasting process.

Blasting Media

There are several types of blasting media you can choose from, some more harsh than others. Plastic beads and walnut shells are both good options for removing paint from metal, but they don't work as well to remove rust from metal. Plastic beads and walnut shells are more gentle blasting media. Walnut shells are an environmentally friendly option, but can only be used once because they become crushed during use. Plastic beads are not environmentally friendly, but can be reused for more sandblasting. 

If you want to remove rust from a vehicle using a heavy-duty media to quickly strip the metal, glass beads and aluminum oxide are both good choices. The glass beads will remove rust from the metal, leaving behind a smooth base metal. Aluminum oxide is a more heavy-duty media than glass beads, and it will strip off the rust and some of the metal underneath, leaving a coarse finish. 

Use these tips to help you select the appropriate air compressor at the right psi, wear all the protective gear, and choose the type of blasting media for your sandblasting job. Look at a website like http://www.compressor-pump.com for more information, particularly about air compressors.