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Hi there. I’m Nina. Welcome to my website about welding. The process of welding together metal takes a lot more than a hot iron and some metal wire. There are many different machines and practices people use to carefully and skillfully weld together metal. With the right techniques, you can create truly beautiful welds that hold up to the test of time. The strong metal welds are often stronger than the two metal pieces they join together. I would like to use this site to talk about the different types of welding equipment, techniques and safety gear used for this exciting industry. Thanks for visiting.

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Talking About Welding Equipment and Techniques


Emergency Boilers: When And Why You Should Rent Them

Industrial boilers have diverse applications in many different industries. For instance, they play a vital role in the health sector by enabling equipment sterilization and heating entire hospital buildings. Cleaning companies also use them to heat large amounts of water required to eradicate grime and stains from clothes and other dirty surfaces. Now, suppose your organization needs a boiler, but you are not in a position to buy one. In that case, you can rent the equipment for as long as it's necessary.

How Spray Polyurethane Foam Makes Great Insulation

If you are in need of new insulation for your commercial building or residence, you will want to consider using spray polyurethane foam. There are a lot of people that do not have a lot of experience working with this type of insulation, so they might not know a lot about how beneficial it can be. If you are interested in why this can be the best option for many people, then keep reading.

The Design Of A Horizontal Grinder And Usage Tips

Environmental materials, demolition waste, construction waste, and feedstock materials can be ground into renewable materials with the aid of a horizontal feed grinder. Like a tub grinder, large amounts of materials can be fed through a horizontal feed grinder. A horizontal model, however, provides an operator with additional control and protection from flying debris. An Innovative Design Tub grinders rely upon the force of gravity. Lighter materials that are placed inside of this type of grinder may become airborne, due to the rotor being exposed and pulling materials into the grinding chamber at varying rates.

Top Reasons Why Your Boiler Room Should Be Insulated

If your business relies on an industrial boiler for power, then you might already have a boiler, and you might even have it installed in a dedicated boiler room. If this is the case, then you might be pretty happy with your boiler room setup right now, and you might not really think there are any additional steps that you need to take. However, if you haven't insulated your boiler room yet, then there might be one more step that you will need to take before your boiler room is complete.

Safety Tips to Remember When Using Industrial Process Pumps

Process pumps are pretty common for the industrial sector because of how much pressure they can support. That added pressure does create potential safety scenarios, which you won't have to stress about so long as you get down the following safety tips. Review the Pump's Particular Designs and Requirements It's pretty common for process pumps to have a lot of different designs. Your own industrial site probably has a process pump that is unique to it alone.

Why You Should Consider Renting A Dump Trailer When You're Landscaping Your Yard

If you are going to be landscaping your yard soon, then you will need to make sure that you have all of the right necessities on hand when you do it. For example, if you don't already own or have access to a dump trailer, you may want to make arrangements to rent one soon. It's ideal to rent a dump trailer when you're landscaping your yard for these reasons and more.

Things To Consider When You Order Heating Oil For Your Boiler Or Furnace

Heating oil is commonly used as a fuel for hot water boilers and some hot air furnaces used to heat buildings. However, the oil that you choose for the heating system may vary. As such, here are some things to consider when calling a heating oil company and scheduling home heating oil delivery.  Getting The Right Oil Most homes that use heating oil for fuel use No. 2 heating oil, and any home heating oil supplier will deliver this fuel unless you ask for something else.