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Talking About Welding Equipment and Techniques

Things To Consider When You Order Heating Oil For Your Boiler Or Furnace

by Matias Keranen

Heating oil is commonly used as a fuel for hot water boilers and some hot air furnaces used to heat buildings. However, the oil that you choose for the heating system may vary. As such, here are some things to consider when calling a heating oil company and scheduling home heating oil delivery. 

Getting The Right Oil

Most homes that use heating oil for fuel use No. 2 heating oil, and any home heating oil supplier will deliver this fuel unless you ask for something else. When you call to order your oil delivery, you may want to ask about blends or mixes available during the coldest parts of the year, especially if your tank is outside. 

Blended home heating oil is a mix of No. 2 heating oil and kerosene that keeps the oil from getting too thick in the cold weather. The delivery driver can add the kerosene to the tank in varying amounts, but a typical outdoor blend can is roughly a 50/50 blend of heating oil and kerosene. However, the amount of the blend is can be determined by the average temperatures in your area. If the tank is outside, partially enclosed, or in the home's basement, the mix can be very different. Talk with the home heating oil delivery service if you are unsure what you need for your system. 

Prepurchasing Heating Oil

If you use a boiler in your home that requires oil all year long, you may want to consider working with the heating oil delivery company to purchase your oil in advance. Some companies will let you lock in a set price for the heating oil so that you pay one price every month for the oil you use. 

Prepurchasing your oil can save you money if you have an extremely cold winter and use a lot of oil, but it is risky because you could lock in a price that goes down later and still have to pay that higher price. The advantage is that if the price of oil rises, you will not pay the increase, and the heating oil delivery service will still bring you as much oil as you need at the lower price. 

Preparing For A Delivery

It is essential that the heating oil delivery driver can get to the fill pipe to put the oil in the tank. Clearing the area around the fill pipe and a path to it can be helpful for the driver. However, if the drive cannot get the truck and fill hose close enough to the home because of ice, snow, or cars that are in the way, they will not be able to deliver your oil. As such, you may need to call and reschedule the home heating oil delivery. 

Contact a heating oil delivery service for more information.