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Talking About Welding Equipment and Techniques

Three Reasons You Should Use Pan Liners In Your Food Service Business

by Matias Keranen

There are thousands of complex tools you can use to improve productivity and quality at your food service business, but sometimes it is the simplest ones that provide the most benefit. Case in point, by switching to using pan liners in your kitchen and food service area, you'll enjoy the following three benefits.

Reduced Costs

Every business owner loves saving money, because doing so widens their profit margin. Although switching to pan liners may temporarily increase your costs, you'll ultimately save money in a couple of different ways. First, you'll save money on labor. Since the pan liner separates the pan from the food product, the pans don't get as dirty.

Thus, your dishwasher will not have to spend as much time scrubbing the bakeware. In fact, you may be able to switch to an automatic dishwasher as a result. Additionally, you'll be able to reuse the pans multiple times for batch baking before they need to be washed, saving even more time.

The second way you'll save money is by reducing the wear and tear on your equipment. Pan liners help protect the pans from being scratched by spatulas and scrub pads, helping to maintain their form and function for longer.

Improve Food Quality and Safety

Another way pan liners can make your business better is by improving food qualify and reducing the risk of contamination. As noted previously, pan liners act as a barrier between the food and the cookware. This can be immeasurably helpful during cooking because it can protect the food from some the consequences of being in direct contact with the metal.

For example, moisture in the food often evaporates faster when the food is sitting directly on the pan. Pan liners can provide just enough insulation to prevent this from happening, which may result in moister and more flavorful cookies, cakes, pies, and other foodstuffs you make at your business.

Second, the barrier provided by pan liners minimizes the risk of contamination. Although you may wash and sanitize your pans, you never know what they may come into contact with prior to you using them. Rather than spend time rewashing the bakeware, you can use a pan liner to provide a sterile area for the food.

However, it's important that you store your pan liners in an appropriate way to prevent them from being contaminated with bacteria or other things that may permeate your food and make your customers sick. Always follow the manufacturer's directions for using and storing the pan liners you purchase from them.

Avoid Expensive Plumbing Bills

A third way pan liners can help your business is by letting you avoid expensing plumbing problems. Oil and grease can buildup in the pipes each time you wash greasy pans in the sink. These substances attract dirt, hair, and other debris, leading to clogs and an assortment of problems with your plumbing. It can cost up to $214 per sink to have a professional clean the drain, not to mention the lost productivity that results from having a sink out of order for hours or days.

Using a pan liner can help prevent this type of outcome from developing. Once you're done with the pan liner, it goes into the trash, taking the grease along with it. Thus, you don't have to worry about it going down the drain and possibly hurting your plumbing.

Pan liners offer numerous advantages to the food service entrepreneur. For more information about these benefits or to have someone assess your needs and recommend the best type of liners for your company, contact an industrial food supply company, such as KNF FLEXPAK Corporation.