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Hi there. I’m Nina. Welcome to my website about welding. The process of welding together metal takes a lot more than a hot iron and some metal wire. There are many different machines and practices people use to carefully and skillfully weld together metal. With the right techniques, you can create truly beautiful welds that hold up to the test of time. The strong metal welds are often stronger than the two metal pieces they join together. I would like to use this site to talk about the different types of welding equipment, techniques and safety gear used for this exciting industry. Thanks for visiting.

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Talking About Welding Equipment and Techniques

2 Benefits Of Using Wireless Tank Monitoring For Your Company's Oil Tanks

by Matias Keranen

If you have oil tanks on-site for use at your company, you may be wondering if there is an alternative way to keep track of the tank's contents besides having someone physically check it at least once a day. If so, consider the benefits of installing and using a wireless tank monitoring system for your company's oil tanks.

1.  Gives Alerts in Real Time

Especially if your company uses copious amounts of oil, you need to keep a strict eye on the levels in your tanks to know when you need to order a refill. Also, if your tanks are pressurized as part of the oil's delivery system, you have to have someone monitor the pressure levels to ensure that they do not get too low or high.

As part of your current monitoring system, you may have to send a worker several times a day to check the levels, and you may even have to have someone watching the pressure gauges to ensure that the pressure levels remain normal.

However, if you set up a wireless tank monitoring system, the sensors will give you real-time alerts to let you know when the oil levels reach a predetermined level or if the pressure gets too high or low. You no longer have to wait until an employee physically sees that the levels are low, and you do not have to have someone constantly watching the gauges.

2.  Allows Your Employees to Work More Efficiently

Under a wireless monitoring system, you do not have to waste money paying employees to keep an eye on the tanks. Instead of having workers dedicated to this task, you can have them spend their time working elsewhere while still being able to monitor the oil levels and pressure.

After designating certain workers or supervisors who will receive the alerts for the tanks, you can give them portable monitoring devices so they can receive information anywhere. They can be working on other projects while the system monitors the tanks and receive the alerts so they can either attend to the problem themselves or delegate another worker.

After learning some of the benefits of using a wireless system for your oil tanks, you may be ready to gather more information. Speak with an industrial supplier who offers wireless tank monitoring solutions to find out more about the process of setting your company up with an automated system.