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Talking About Welding Equipment and Techniques

4 Different Types Of Tool And Cutter Grinding Machines

by Matias Keranen

A grinding machine is designed to remove parts from the surface of another piece of work. A tool and cutter grinding machine is different from a milling machine. It has a rotating grinding wheel that is placed against a stationary workpiece. The grinding wheel is what is moving, not the workpiece. There are various types of grinding machines that work in slightly different ways. You need to understand the different machine options so you can find the right one for you.  

Type #1: Surface Grinding 

A surface grinding machine has a unique configuration, as they have an adjustable head. The head on the device can be lowered down to the stationary workplace. When the head is lowered down, it can then be rotated back and forth using the grinding wheel on the machine.  

This type of machine is generally used for removing materials from a workplace. They are able to remove a large amount of material, making them a highly efficient tool. They are great if your primary purpose is to remove materials with your machine. 

Type #2: Gear Grinding 

If you specifically need to remove materials from the shaft of another machine, you will want to use a gear grinding machine. A gear grinding machine is used for removing materials from shafts, which is a very specific type of application. With the proper handling, you can grind all the way to the center of a shaft if you have advanced handling skills.  

Type #3: Die Grinding 

A die grinding machine is a very small type of grinding machine. It is designed to be handheld. It operates using an air compressor or from an electric motor. It is great when you have to do a little grinding. It is not for big jobs or big workpieces but is great for precision work.  

Type #4: Belt Grinding 

Another grinding machine you can use is a belt grinding machine. It is designed more like a sander. This machine works best to smooth out a workpiece to ensure that the surface is touchable and soft. It can be used to make workpieces smaller. The belt on the machine is governed with an abrasive material that helps to smooth the workpiece it is working on. This type of machine works best with metal pieces, although it can work with other materials as well.  

Before purchasing a grinding machine, consider what type of workpieces you will be working with. This will help you select the best kind of grinding machine for your specific needs.  

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